Soaking Prayer

Our Soaking Rooms will be open for special events. Watch for details!

Soaking Prayer is about being in the presence of God! Just as Mary, Martha’s sister wanted to sit at the feet of Jesus, you too can come to the Crossing Soaking Room (room 311), and be with Him.

When you come to the Crossing Soaking Room, you can soak in His presence with or without music, alone or with others.  Soaking is all about giving God, through His Holy Spirit, a time and a special place to minister to you.  Some people lie on the floor, cover themselves with a blanket (provided), close their eyes and focus and listen to Jesus.  Others sit down. Those who come to the Soaking Room frequently ask the Holy Spirit to come and refresh them.  Specially trained ministers may quietly pray for you during your time in the Soaking Room.

Many people who have come to the Crossing Soaking Room report sensing God’s presence.  Many times God speaks to the hearts and minds of those praying in the Crossing Soaking Room.  So come and share your love for God and let Him share His love to you.  Be prepared for a wonderful time in His presence.